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The benefits of the bone conduction, the technology of glistening with bonesh, are significant: it provides better and easier hearing in noisy environments; it reduces damage to the eardrums; and it helps with certain types of hard of hearing. Goldendance is engaged in researches and product development of the bone conduction technology. This section brings you up to date with the technology, our products and our activities.


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Received Special Selection Committee Award of 2009 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards.

  Our product was awarded Special Selection Committee Award of 2009 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards.

We are grateful to all of our customer for patronizing our company and our product. We will continue producing products to serve for people, so we would appreciate it if you could give us your patronage for a long period of time.

"2009 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards"
The2009 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards are given to the Excellent New Products and New Services once a year. The award started in 1982. From 1987 which was the 6th time, the award is changed to" Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards". This is the 28th year. The products nominated not from public applicants, but by the choice of Nikkei journalist from 200 to 300 products which drew their attention. Then the nominees are narrowed down to about 40 and final selection is made by 8 judges at an exhibition.

Latest Information

[2015.03.27] Goldendance is chosen one of gthe 300 Hard-at-Work Small/Medium Companies / Small-scale businessesh.
[2015.02.27] Press release from WHO (World Health Organization), g1.1 billion people at risk of hearing lossh.
[2014.12.11] Nihon Keizai Shimbun Introduces Our Products.
[2014.11.19] Trade Fair: New Value Creation Exhibition 2014 took place.
[2014.11.11] Goldendance will take part in New Value Creation Exhibition 2014 in Tokyo.
[2014.11.06] Goldendance is granted Permit for Production of Medical Appliances and Permit Type II for Production and Sale of Medical Appliances.
[2014.1105] Trade Fair: Messe Nagoya 2014 in Nagoya.
[2012.03.22] We will exhibit at gSmall and Medium Enterprise Fair 2012 in Kansaih.
[2012.02.10] Our bone conduction device was introduced in Nihon Butsuryu News Paper.
[2012.01.20] Announcing Bone conduction helmet gA-humh (Patented, PCT applied) Joint development: West Nippon Expressway Maintenance Kansai Co. Ltd.
[2012.01.20] We will exhibit at gHong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2012h.
[2011.11.22] Exhibited at gHong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2012h.
[2011.11.17] Our bone conduction headphone used by the guide dog robot, procyon, will be introduced at Kansai Joho Net-ten!
[2011.10.31] We will exhibit at "Care and Rehabilitation Expo China 2011"
[2011.03.31] Bone conduction headset for communication use was introduced in "Fuji Sankei Business i".
[2011.03.18] We will exhibit at "Small & Medium Enterprise Fair" (admission free)
[2011.03.12] We would like to sincerely express our sympathy to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
[2011.01.31] We were introduced in "Japanese most bright economy newspaper".
[2011.01.26] The bone conduction earphone developed jointly with NHK was introduced in Nikkei newspaper
[2011.01.26] The new products draw the attention at the NHK "40th Broadcast Engineering Exhibition"
[2010.12.08] Our bone conduction headphone is displayed at Aqua Totto Gifu, Aquarium.

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